Eularis has just announced the release of its new cloud-based Artificial Intelligence-enabled marketing analytics platform that has for purpose to accelerate the growth of key brands in the Pharmaceutical sector.

Eularis has worked for the past few years with some of the top mathematicians in the world to get the platform to its current level of completeness and superiority.

Today, a few of these mathematicians provide expert advice on the best uses of Artificial Intelligence to some of the largest and fastest growing companies out there.

By combining over 10 years of knowledge, learning and market insights gained in the Pharma sector, Eularis has today designed a platform supported by machine learning algorithms, among others, that mimic and re-create the key growth patterns and drivers behind successful and superior brands, once FDA approved.

As noted, this next generation marketing platform will concentrate on driving successful outcomes in the Pharma market. Massive amount of time, resource and effort have been consumed on this initiative to deliver leading edge, consistent, accurate and fast decision-making in that sector.

Could the platform's capabilities be replicated in the near future across other industries, from Healthcare to Insurance? This is potentially a question for, Founder, CEO & Scientist, Dr Andrée Bates...