Ryan Rist, Innovation director at American Family Insurance recently described three reasons why American Family decided to invest in drones to reduce the risk of property claims in the USA. Rist believes that IoT drones can:

  1. Gather and deliver faster information directly from the location of the risk
  2. Provide access to quality and accurate data to speed the processing of large claims
  3. Deliver lower cost options to tackle challenging claims.


On 12 August this year, American Family received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration to test drones. American Family considers that drones can facilitate and speed insurers' response to catastrophic events.

Still, significant communication and education work will be required to convince people of the benefits drones can provide society, since the recent Amazon case, among others.

As part of its smart city initiative, Nominet launched a similar solution in the UK. During the course of the past 12 months, Nominet has worked on an IoT solution that responds to the risk of flood and reduces water-related disasters by connecting rivers, properties and environmental data, in order to provide rapid actionable insights and unique disaster recovery strategies.

To find our more about this innovation, please contact Adam Leach @Nominet