According to a survey by the Kauffman Foundation, a larger volume of young adults aged 18-21, have decided to start a business of their own rather than choose a career with a large enterprise or corporation. It also appears that a good number of these young stars are succeeding at a very young age.

I remember reading recently a Business Insider article on Harvard Business School MBA graduates. Portia Crowe highlights in the article Only 4% of the 2015 graduating class said they wanted to work at an investment bank, reports Bloomberg's Jennifer Surane. Of the 46 students in the top 5% of the class, only one expressed an interest in banking.”

But what are these young founders, creatives and innovators doing differently?

This article provides inspiring tips on how these people keep the moral high and create success, all around them.

Whilst the article is mostly focused on entrepreneurs, many of the things discussed here are very much applicable to intrapreneurs too. As companies seek to embed a culture of creativity, innovation and idea generation, corporate entrepreneurs could apply some of those tips to their value creating business initiatives.