We often think that startup investment is for venture capitalists, angel investors, family offices or venture funds.

It is interesting to see that celebrities too invest in start-up ventures to diversify their portfolios from movie production and traditional long-term investments. They have also set up their own venture capital firms.

This nice short snapshot from CB Insights highlights the 13 most active celebrity investors as of last week. Some of the most active investors have 20 to 70 startups in their portfolio, including the usual suspects - Airbnb, Box, Uber and Foursquare.

What about the ventures receiving the investments?

It seems that Splice, Casper and BioBeats are the three most sought after ventures.

Some of the ventures in the portfolios have already been acquired by Yahoo, Facebook and Google.

Does this give us a hint on those key trends larger companies must watch out?

Reviewing the overall investment portfolio it seems that wearable-enabled digital solutions, end-user social sharing and gamification platforms, AI and IoT combined offerings, products designed using great engineering, crowd sourced feedback and design thinking techniques, were all in the mix.

Maybe more traditional mature enterprises could learn from these risk-taking celebrities and invest in those Unicorns that can help transform their product offerings, business models and customer propositions.